Hacking the immigration system


We do everything possible to help immigrant entrepreneurs…and sometimes we do the impossible

Startups are often about breaking the old, established ways, and solving problems with unique solutions. So just because other immigration lawyers couldn’t figure out how to help you, doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution. We tend to look at startup situations differently, and often “hack” the legal code to help immigrant entrepreneurs.

With offices in Silicon Valley, Toronto, and New York we are strategically located to support startup entrepreneurs and their employees who want to live and prosper in the United States. Our experienced team has seen it all when working to keep people in the United States. We focus on making it happen for our clients so you can focus on what you came to this country to do, grow your startup.

Bringing over 40 years of legal experience

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We do everything we can to keep you and your ideas in the United States

As immigration counsel for Stanford University’s StartX; Stanford GSB, Unshackled Ventures; and numerous other Universities and Accelerators, we have solved immigration problems for some of the country’s most innovative entrepreneurs.